October House Box #7 – Unboxed

October House Box

Welcome to Fall! I hope its not too cold yet, wherever you are. Unless you’re like me and you love the cold weather! I hope this box has inspired you to stay inside, bake some cookies and enjoy the comforts of your home:)

Fox Run Brands Pumpkin Cookie Cutter -$3.50/ea

This cookie cutter brings back so many childhood Halloween memories for me! My mom used to have one, but much larger, and she would make these cookies with orange frosting on them with a green tip and Jack-O-Lantern faces and send them to school with me for the whole class. Remember in Elementary school when you had a Halloween party and everyone dressed up and you ate a bunch of sugar and ran around going nuts with all your classmates in your costumes?? Ah nostalgia:) Anyway, my friend Joanna has an amazing food blog called Food Eaten Daily, and I asked her if she would make these cookies and post her favourite sugar cookie recipe. They are AMAZING, you can get the recipe HERE

Arbonne – contact for prices

I went to Vancouver with my parents and my baby to visit my brother in September.  On the way home, we were all in seats scattered across the plane, and my dad was sitting next to this woman named Gwen. She was super nervous about flying and my dad is captain Chill, he’s also a pilot so a great guy to calm down anyone on a plane.  After we all got off, he introduced me to her because he told her she had to talk to me about House Box! He told her all about the company on the flight and how she should put some Arbonne products in a box sometime. So we got together for a coffee a few days later. She gave me a protein shake to try and I loved it so much. I’ve always thought protein shakes tasted like clay for some reason… but these ones are amazing. The chocolate tastes like chocolate milk and the Vanilla reminds me of the white Girl Guide cookies, so yummy! The Fit Chews are a healthy way to hit a sweet tooth without filling up on sugar. The Fizz Sticks are a great pre-workout drink that you can toss into a gym bag and mix up in a water bottle – also delicious. And the hair serum is so light, I’m always worried about using oils on my hair because its so fine, but this one is perfect for adding some shine to dry winter hair! Gwen is an Arbonne Encyclopedia, she’s been working it for a few years now and is very passionate about the company and its products, I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you’re interested in learning more about these products and finding out what else they have. You can visit her website HERE or contact her at gwennieuwkerk@gmail.com

The Laundry Tarts Pumpkin Pie Laundry Detergent $18.99/2.5lbs

You may remember The Laundry Tarts from a few boxes back when we featured their Stain Stick. I was a huge fan of the stick, still am, I use it all the time on baby clothes! I got in touch with them to see what else they had to offer and they have so many great products. They are all toxin free and safe for allergies. And the fun scents and packaging is the best part. This pumpkin pie scented detergent will make you want to eat your pillow cases! Check them out HERE

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts $13.99/454g

Do you love hemp hearts as much as I do? Or have you never tried them? I’m always surprised when I hear people have not tried them because I have been in love for many years now. These delicious little seed hearts are a great way to add protein to smoothies, salads or even all by themselves! I like to mix them in some plain yogurt with some fruit. I kind of rotate how i use them, smoothies for a while, then salads, then yogurt. I have never heard of any other brand besides Manitoba Harvest, so they must be doing something right! I hope you enjoy the sample and if you are not already a fan, I hope this changes your morning menu in a positive way! These are sold at Costco, most organic markets, or you can purchase them on their website HERE

Herbal Healing Lipbalm $6.50/ea

A friend of mine gave me a gift from Herbal Healing for my baby when I was pregnant, it was a little trio of products-massage oil, shower gel and shampoo, and diaper rash salve. It is the gentlest, cleanest baby product I have tried yet! They are fragrance free, very gentle, and so nice to use on baby skin. I’m always worried about him having an allergic reaction to something I use on him or something he eats. So far so good, but I was not nervous about Herbal Healing’s products. The ingredients (which are listed on the package) are so simple and minimal, I knew he would be just fine. The friend who gave me the products told me it came from her mom’s company, Herbal Healing. I found out they make a huge selection of products including herbal teas! These lipbalms feel so nice and smooth on your lips, they come in 3 flavors; lemon, peppermint, and one to treat cold sores. You can visit Herbal Healing in Calgary and receive a 15% discount, or use the coupon code SPEND15GET15 on their website HERE

That’s everything, I hope you enjoyed receiving the box and that you’re looking forward to next month’s! The December box will be shipping out December 15th. House box makes a great Holiday Gift for anyone with a House!


The Back to School Box – August 2016


Hello Subscribers! I hope you have all received your August House Box by now and have had a chance to sample the delicious coffee inside! I haven’t been drinking coffee for the past 6 months but I took a few sips of this one and loved it. You can tell it was roasted only a couple weeks ago. Let’s unpack this one and see what else is in it!

Snack Pack Reusables Sandwich Bag

These Sandwich bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free and are a great alternative to Ziploc baggies or even bulky containers. They have a fabric liner that keeps food fresh and is washable, either by hand with soapy water or by washing machine or dishwasher! I know I feel bad about wasting so many plastic bags, these will be a welcome addition to my husbands lunch bag!

Snack Pack Reusables Snack Bag

The snack sized version- this bag is a bit smaller; perfect for nuts, sliced fruit, pretzels or cookies. They are so handy, I will keep a couple in my diaper bag. Now that my baby is starting to eat solid foods, I can tell these will be great for his snacks as he gets older.

Both of these bags and some other fun colours are for sale on our website in the House Box shop HERE

*this Calgary based business – Snack Pack Reusables – is for sale! Please contact Wendy @ 403-615-1319

Fox Run Brands Tea Kettle Descaler

These things are so great, my mom introduced me to them. She always has a kettle full of boiled water because she drinks hot water all day long. For the past few years she has had a clear glass kettle with one of these mesh balls in it. I’ve marvelled at how little sediment seems to collect in it and she tells me its all because of the descaler. I bought one a few months ago and i’m a believer. It works as a preventative measure though so don’t expect it to clean up a heavily scaled kettle.

The Soap Exchange – Envirowash

I came across the Soap exchange one day at  the Calgary Farmers Market. They have pretty basic packaging, which drew me to them because it seemed like a small local brand. I got in touch with the owner, Wes Koch, who is extremely friendly and passionate about his products. They have been in business over 23 years. I love how simple his website is, and if you’re interested in purchasing products, you call him up at the shop and order by telephone, Old School! Sometimes I wish I could call Amazon and ask them a bunch of questions! Many of the products are concentrate, he says, why pay for water when you can add it yourself? I love that. Shipping water is pretty expensive too:) Get in touch with Wes cleanguy@pacificcoast.net and let him tell you more about the Soap Exchange!

Detour Coffee Roasters

As I mentioned, this coffee is delicious! Its called Los Noranjos, from Columbia. I am usually not a fan of fruity coffees, but this one has a pretty subtle fruit taste to it and the other flavors are really nice. As mentioned on the product card, the coffee was roasted just days before we sent it out, so it is as fresh as possible! I love that they went to the trouble to time it like this, I think its important to enjoy the product as the roaster intended, so if you haven’t already, go get caffeinated! If you’re interested in ordering more of this delicious fresh coffee, you can do so HERE


So that’s the August edition of House Box! I hope you loved receiving it as much as I enjoyed finding the products for it. Please let us know what you thought of it!

June House Box #5 – Unboxed


Welcome to June’s House Box! This one was so fun to put together, it has one of my all time favourite cleaning brands in it and some new exciting Canadian brands that I’m very excited about! I hope you loved receiving it and trying out all your new items, and I hope you’re inspired to try some new things in your home…

Green Beaver Toothpaste $5.99 for 75ml

You received one of 4 flavors of this all natural toothpaste; Spearmint, Peppermint, Cilantro Mint, or Sensitive (Peppermint). I love them all! And I love that they are free from all sorts of junk you can find in commercial brands. Did you know that some toothpastes contain MSG?? That’s reason enough for me to stick with the natural stuff. I have tried some other flouride free natural toothpastes, and this one is by far the best. Not only are the flavors delicious, the consistency is great and it leaves your teeth feeling smooth and clean and your breath nice and fresh. I won’t name names, but some of the natural pastes don’t really do any of those things….so really, what’s the point? Green Beaver is a Canadian company that makes many great natural body care products. The toothpastes are my favorite so far! If you’re interested in trying more products, you can find their website HERE


Norwex Spirisponge 2 for $10.49

I LOVE Norwex so much, when I first found out about it I became a consultant. Not so much to be an active rep, but for the discounts on product. I went to town and got pretty much the whole line…and have been so happy with it all ever since. They have some really amazing products. The bathroom descaler is hands down, the best I have ever used. It puts CLR to shame! I could go on and on, but I suggest if you like this sponge and you’d like to find out more about Norwex, get in touch with Leta. I found her at a farmers market a few years ago and she educated me on Norwex and got me hooked! Leta has been working for Norwex for years. She knows absolutely everything about the products and she won’t be dissapointed if you sign up as a consultant just for the discounts:)
Try using this sponge on your slowcooker or cast iron pans. I have managed to get rid of some serious stuck on food with this and love having it under my sink.
You can browse and shop for products and get in touch with Leta through her site HERE

Soak Wash $32 for 375ml

Another Canadian Company! This laundry soap smells so good… and works so well. I have been dealing with some poopy pyjamas thanks to my 4 month old, and these little packets have suprisingly saved me from having to toss some really cute onsies! I don’t always love using smelly detergents, usually just for towels and sheets, but these scents are so subtle, I would use them on all my laundry. I love that you can use it on all your laundry as well, no need to keep several different bottles, this is good for delicates, towels, jeans and sweaters of all colors! Interested in purchasing more, you can find them HERE

Fox Run Brands Garlic Peeler $5.99

I can’t stand the smell of garlic on my hands, and I hate when I get little bits stuck under my nails. This little magic carpet is so handy, and works so well at quickly shedding garlic cloves of its thin skin. I use ALOT of garlic in my kitchen so this going to get a ton of use out of me.  I’m inspired to do some Italian cooking this week!

Honey Candles Beeswax Tealights $14.26 for 6

Honey Candles are made from 100% pure beeswax in Kaslo, B.C. As I write this, I am burning these delicious smelling tealights and really enjoying them. I put honey in lots of things and just love the smell and taste of it, so I knew I would like the smell of these candles. I can always find a place for tealights in my home, it will be nice to add this wonderful aroma! You’ll get 4-5 hours out of these ones. Honey Candles is offering a discount to all House Box subscribers untill the end of August. Use the code: HOUSEBOX10 for 10% off orders over $75 when shopping on their website HERE


Neal’s Yard Geranium and Orange Hand Cream $10 for 50ml

Neal’s Yard is a UK based company with a boutique on 4th Street in  S.W. Calgary. They make a variety of different herb based remedies and they all smell amazing. This particular hand cream smells strongly of Geranium, which is lovely if you like that scent! The orange kind of gets lost in it, I think. They have a wide range of product from face and body care, aromatherapy, mom and baby, even tea! If you’d like to try more from Neal’s Yard, you can shop online on their website HERE


April House Box – Unboxed


House Box – Un Boxed – April Edition 

I think this box turned out great, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it was a bit of a struggle; right after the February box went out and the blog was up and things were winding down a bit, I had a baby! So I nicknamed this box “Survival Box”. Anyway, I’m please with how it all came together, its full of Canadian brands again! I hope you all enjoy it!


Dizolve – Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent

I came across this company on a mommy blog, I think I was searching for something about washing baby clothes…anyway, it sounded like a cool idea, these strips that look like big pieces of gum will wash your clothes! I hate that feeling of laundry powder on my fingers when you scoop it and accidentally touch it. Do you know what I mean? Its like chalk or something, gives me shivers! I did some digging and found out that the company is from New Brunswick! And so is my mom so I really wanted to get to know the good people at Dizolve. They were interested in working with us because they know once you try it, you will love it. I have fallen in love and will be ordering a good supply. My laundry room is pretty small and it will be nice to save some space with these, I’m thinking I will display them in a nice large clear jar! If you’re interested in learning more about the ingredients and/or ordering these strips, you can find them HERE

Laundry Tarts – Sweet Spot Stain Remover

Another great Canadian Company, The Laundry Tarts are based in Ontario and their products are so fun! They are all dessert inspired, and I will definitely include another product in a future box. They are not only fun and delicious smelling products, they are also clean, safe and healthy.They have a great story about humble beginnings and a cancer survivor inspiring the creation of safe products for the founders’ family.  Learn more about ingredients and shop for products HERE

JBK Pottery – Pot Minder

I love this little gadget, since having my baby, I have been eating steal cut oatmeal almost everyday as its supposed to be good ‘milk making food’. Anyway, every time I make it, the pot boils over and I’m left with this white grime on my stove top. I usually have to let it sit for a while before I have time to scrub it off…so its a big job (although the Lunatec Odour Free dishcloth from the December box works great to scrub it off!). I would rather prevent it altogether though, so this pot minder has been a welcome edition to my array of kitchen gadgets! I hope you find a good use for yours as well:) Find out more about JBK and see what else they make HERE

Tupperware – Smidgen

The Tupperware lady calls these little blue containers, Smidgens. I can think of tons of uses for them, salad dressings for lunch, pills or vitamins, spices, etc. When we go on vacation to somewhere hot, we usually rent a condo so we can cook our own meals as much as possible. I usually bring some zip lock bags of spices that I can’t live without. Next time, I’m going to fill these little guys with all my essentials! I know the lids won’t come off along the way. I have been on a Tupperware craze lately, there’s a reason why this company has been around forever. I was in nesting mode at the end of my pregnancy and bought the modular collection and organized all my baking ingredients. It has seriously taken about 15 mins off the time it takes to bake some cookies! Sara Black’s contact info is in the box, or you can find her on Facebook HERE Get on her mailing list so she can let you know when they are having sales!!!

Dark Horse Farms 100% Natural Soap by Beelites

Another Canadian company, Beelites are based in Kelowna BC. Their main product line is beeswax candles, but I think their soaps are so nice! You received one of 8 different scents, all of which are heavenly. I love the earl grey and the pumpkin spice; but really, any one would be great at smelling up a bathroom. Find out more about the company and the other products they make HERE

Yogi Tea – Various Flavours

Four flavours, all with a different purpose! The lemon ginger is great if your fighting off a cold, or feeling one coming on. Its like Neo Citron without the drugs! The restful sleep works so well I think it should come with a warning about not operating heavy machinery! My favourite thing about these teas is the little sayings on the back of the labels. If you love these teas and are interested in finding more, they have a store locator on their website HERE. They are also for sale on Amazon.com


So that’s the April Box! I hope you are enjoying it and finding inspiration from it. If you have any feedback or ideas for products you’d like to see featured in a future box, please contact us at info@housebox.ca. We look forward to putting the June box together for you!


Spring has Sprung!



Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and new routines. Was your New Years Resolution to get more organized this year? Have the past three months passed by in a blur? It’s never too late to start!

Organized people aren’t born, they are created. Using various methods on self development to accomplish goals and priorities, these people become better each day. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Something that starts out as a chore will quickly become habit, and the stress will wash away. Through routine training with the proper tools, you too, can become the object of envy.

1. Organized people seek tools.

Look at that! You’ve already accomplished one of the tips on this list. You have enough self awareness to acknowledge that you want to change your bad habits and become more efficient at the things you do. Now it’s time to find things that help you be successful. Having a smartphone, using apps with notifications, making to-do lists, and wearing a wrist watch are all things that will help break down your tasks visually and make them easier to manage and accomplish. Time can be a significant tool that works in your favour, as well. Taking short non-work related breaks during your process will increase overall productivity.

2. Set priorities.

Make a to-do list! Whether you’re a ‘list person’ or not, it is essential to visualize and arrange your priorities by importance. Creating a ‘catch-all’ for your thoughts lets you continue with the task at hand and doesn’t throw off your creativity. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t find it instantly gratifying to cross something off your list?

3. Declutter.

Organized productive people just have less stuff. This is a fact. They have some things that are essential to their success, and eliminate all else. The clearer your space is, the clearer your mind is. Start small by organizing your overflowing tupperware drawer or try out a declutter challenge like the one below (found here) if you don’t know where to start. Tackle one job at a time, it will make life a lot easier!

4. Practice maintenance.

Doing a big declutter/ cleaning once a year won’t make you an organized person. Being successful and efficient requires continuous maintenance. Taking 5-10 minutes each day to sort your emails, create your to-do list for tomorrow, put things on your calendar, or organize files will save you a significant amount of time in the long run and that’s not even considering the amount of stress you’ll get rid of, knowing that all of your affairs are in order!

5. Organized people are self aware.

They know when they’ve reached their stress limit, work load capacity, and when to ask for help. Self awareness means knowing your limits. They use the ‘N’ word (no) regularly, and when they feel they won’t produce the best possible work. Pride is not an obstacle that needs to be overcome – an organized person will ask for help if they need it. Along with self awareness comes self-care. Knowing your body means taking care of it mentally and physically. If you know you need to de-stress at the end of the day by reading, make sure you have enough time to do so. You can’t be there for your family if you aren’t at your personal 100%.

6. Two things.

Choose two things on your to-do list that need to get done today, and work hard to accomplish those goals. It doesn’t matter if one of those things is ‘make a to-do list.’ If you get in the habit of crossing off two things, you’ll want to continuously improve and want to cross more from your list. This is a great way to ensure that things don’t pile up on the weekends.

7. They unitask.

Contrary to popular belief, those ‘moms who do it all’ aren’t doing it all at once. They choose one task to accomplish at a time, and give their 100% attention to said task. Multi-tasking spreads your attention too thin, and you end up performing at a subpar level as a result.


Using these tips on a regular basis will help you develop the skills and tools to be a more organized and more productive person.

Go forth, readers, and be successful, efficient, and organized people! Let me know if these tips and tricks helped you, or if you disagree with any of them. I look forward to hearing from you!

February House Box – Unboxed

P1000563 copyHappy February! 

I love February so much…I had my first date with my Husband in February, my birthday is in February, and my first born child will be born in February – any day now! I also love the cold snowy weather and short dark days – I know – I am the opposite of almost everyone. It has been an unusually warm winter in Calgary so this February has not been my kind of weather. Oh well, it has still been a great month!

If you have received your February House Box already, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I hoped you would. There are some great products in here and you may have noticed that EVERYTHING is MADE IN CANADA! It started out as a coincidence, but as I finalized the decisions, I decided it would make a great theme. So please, let us know what you think of that and the products by completing the survey HERE.

Lets dig into the box!

Kienna Coffee Roasters- Kienna Cup $5

So this product is great if you have any Keurig or compatible coffee maker. If you don’t, I hope you have access to one at work or a neighbour’s place – there are a few coffee packets so you can share! If you won’t be able to use the cup at all, you can open the coffee packets and brew them like regular coffee.
The Kienna cup is a genius solution to the environmental catastrophe the Keurig cups have created. Shortly after we got a Keurig machine, I found out that the man who invented it does not use it himself as it is harmful to the environment and he didn’t feel good about it. Wow. That was just about it for me. My brother told me about Kienna and I fell in love with the solution they offer, the cup works great and the coffee is delicious! The coffee is roasted in Calgary, AB. If you like it and want to purchase more refills for the cup, you can HERE


Blue Wonder – Try Me Cloth $15

These cloths are incredible, I love the fact that you can clean with nothing but water! the microfibre does all the work for you, all you need is hot water. The cloths are available in several different shapes and sizes and for various different purposes, but the “Try Me” cloth is a great introduction to them. I have cleaned various different surfaces with mine, but was most impressed by cleaning windows and mirrors with it! I also cleaned my whole bathroom with one cloth using nothing but water, which was mind blowing. The company has been around for 20 years and is based in Salt Spring Island. In addition to cleaning products, they also manufacture products for personal care and pets! Try it out, and if you like Blue Wonder products, you can find more HERE. They are offering you 10% off your order with the coupon code: TM10-C


Sugar Bears $6

Have you ever used one of these? They are a game changer if you do a lot of baking. I used to have a slice of apple in my brown sugar all the time, my mom taught me that trick. But if I didn’t bake anything for a few months and opened up the brown sugar, I was rudely reminded of the poor apple slice! I have also heard a piece of bread works well to keep sugar moist-which could also be a terrifying find if left for too long, but really…all of these solutions are kind of out dated in the gadget centric world we live in. In comes the Sugar Bear! Just soak it in water overnight and it will keep your brown sugar moist for months! And it really does. You can also use it in a cookie jar, in raisins or other dried fruit, or even tobacco, know anyone that smokes cigars?? These particular bears are hand made in Calgary, AB. If you want to purchase more, you can find them HERE


Live For Tomorrow – Elbow Grease 34oz $9.95

This Vancouver based company makes an entire line of cleaning and laundry products that are environmentally safe, Biodegradable (septic safe), EcoLogo compliant, and made with plant and mineral ingredients. And they work like a charm! This All purpose cleaner is particularly great and smells deliciously like lemongrass. Because its made with coconut and citrus, you don’t have to worry about pets or small children getting near it. Try it out and if you’re interested in purchasing Live For Tomorrows products, shop HERE and use the code: HouseBox_2016 for 15% off any purchase over $25 CAD (Expires: 05/31/2016)


Earth Elements Farm Products – Glass Tealight $3.50 Soy Stick $5

Did the delicious smell of Vanilla fill your home when you brought your House Box inside? My whole office has smelled like these delicious candles for weeks now and I LOVE it! These classed-up glass tealights are beautiful as well, and will last quite a few hours! The soy stick lipbalms are also amazing. I consider myself to be a lipbalm connoisseur, mostly because I’m addicted to it living in dry Calgary, and I think this one is one of the best! You will have received either a Tangerine, Coconut, Mint or Aloe Soystick, all of which smell divine! Earth Elements Farm Products are made in Cherryville, BC and if you’re interested in purchasing more, you can find them HERE

That’s The February Edition of House Box! Celebrating the Love month by supporting Canadian Businesses! We hope you love it, please let us know what you think by completing this short SURVEY

Also, if you love receiving your House Box every other month, start earning FREE boxes by referring your friends! Login to your account HERE and enter your referrals!



December House Box – Unboxed

Dec_House Box_04Happy New Year! I hope all of your holidays have been magical!

Your December House Box may have arrived before Christmas, some of you received it as a Christmas gift, and a handful of you were the victims of Canada Post misplacing your box – sorry about that! It should arrive safely soon enough if you don’t already have it.

The feedback so far on the December Box from our blogger friends and other reviewers has been great! I hope you all enjoyed the products as well. If you have a chance, please complete the survey HERE as we always take your feedback into consideration.

So, let me tell you about the products in the box, what I love about them and why I chose them!


Essential 8 All Purpose Cleaner – 16oz $12 CAD

I came across Essential 8 on Etsy and loved the story behind the products. Like many new moms, Sarah Walker grew an interest in filling her home with natural products in hopes of keeping her young children safe from chemicals. She began to create her products in small batches, which I appreciate because you know there’s love in every bottle. This cleaner smells amazing and has been a great addition to my cleaning closet. I used it to clean the inside of my oven after splashing pecan pie filling all over it and it worked like a charm! Who says you need chemicals to get your oven clean? I have also heard a great success story from a family member who used it to get shoe polish out of carpet, so I’m willing to bet it can be counted on for some pretty messy jobs! If you’d like to purchase more of this or other products from Essential 8, you can find them HERE


Lunatec Odour Free Dish Cloth – 4 for $12 CAD

This dish cloth has seriously changed my life! I cook a lot and have a sink full of dishes to clean by hand daily. I thought I had a great system in place, I had a mesh Norwex dish cloth for most things, and a Norwex scrubber for tougher jobs. The dish cloth was great, but just a little flimsy, and the scrubber was just that – for scrubbing, so not great for normal dishes. In comes the Lunatec dish cloth and I now have the best of both worlds! I have been using it for everything and I feel like it has cut down on dish washing time tremendously! I find it is the best at getting coffee and tea stains out of cups. I tend to do those by hand once in a while because the dishwasher doesn’t do a great job. I cleaned my tea pot with it the other day and threaded the whole cloth through the spout, I wish I had taken a before and after picture because it seemed like a cleaning miracle from an infommercial. TRY IT! And the best part is, I have had the cloth for over a month now and it really doesn’t smell like anything. The smell of a dirty mildewy dish cloth hanging off your tap really is nasty! Lunatec does not currently distribute their products to Canada, so if you’d like more, you can purchase them through our website for a limited time only! HERE


Tupperware Citrus Peeler – brochure in box

Again, this is life changing for me. I HATE peeling oranges, the naval ones anyway, mandarins are fine. I love oranges, but refuse to buy them most of the time because I know I’ll ruin my nails peeling them, and cutting them in 4’s and eating them by cramming the whole thing in your mouth makes me feel like an 8 year old at soccer practice, and I end up getting a chin full of OJ..not lady like! Anyway – I’ve been peeling and eating oranges and grape fruits like they’re going out of style, for weeks now! I hope you enjoy yours:) My friend Dawn had a Tupperware party a couple months ago, I think I literally squealed when I got the invite! I thought Tupperware was non-existent! My mom used to have parties when I was little, and we had the whole primary coloured kids collection. Why has no one I know had a party in my whole adult life? Needless to say, I had a bit of a runaway… and the rep who came to the party, Sara Black, was amazing! She’s been at it for quite a while and is a Tupperware encyclopaedia. She can help you order whatever you need, wherever you are in Canada! I highly recommend getting in touch with her to start or replenish your Tupperware collection. See brochure for contact info.

Great Canadian Soap Co. Healing Butter
70g $13.95

I came across this company and approached them about including a sample of soap in a House Box. The owner wasn’t sure soap was a great idea because it may smell up the whole contents of the box, but she really wanted to include something. She thought about it for a week or so and came back to me with this healing butter. I thought it was such a great idea, because its basically an all natural Polysporin! I am super clumsy in the kitchen. I cut myself chopping things, or burn myself pulling pans out of the oven way too often. Having something like this nearby has already proven itself useful! I have also heard that it is great for eczema, so give that a try if you suffer from it! Also, if you use the coupon code: housebox you will receive 2 free bars of soap on any order over $60! Take advantage of that HERE

teapigs   15 bags $9.99

Peppermint Tummy Tonic – Peppermint tea is my favourite after dinner drink, so I couldn’t wait to try out teapigs version. I came across teapigs at the organic grocery store I shop at. Their packaging was what initially drew me in, but I did some research and found they are a British company. Nobody knows tea better than the Brits, so I knew it had to be delicious. I was not dissapointed, the peppermint is among the freshest I have tried!

Everyday Brew – this one is great too, if you love a strong tea in the morning, try it out with breakfast. I love it with a little coconut cream.

You can find teapigs at major grocery stores like Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Safeway and Save on Foods, as well as some private grocery stores!


So that’s it for the December Box! How did YOU like it?