Welcome to your first House Box – October 2015 #1

DSC_0113Well well well, by now you have probably received your first House Box! I know a few of you on the East Coast were patiently waiting while seeing spoilers on Instagram and Facebook, so sorry about that! I hope it didn’t take any of the excitement away from opening your first box!

I am offering all subscribers an opportunity to save on shipping, if you purchase The October Box Special which includes the first 4 products listed below. You can purchase it here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/106047559

So lets dig into the box and I will tell why I chose each sample, what I love about it, and how you can purchase more if you love it as much as I do!

The Laundress Delicate Wash – 16oz for $24 CAD
I came across this company’s website and fell in love with their products after reading about all the different detergents they have and where they all came from. Basically, these two NYC fashionistas love their clothes so much, they came up with their own line of detergents to take better care of them themselves. The Delicate Wash is designed so that you can take great care of your delicate fabrics without spending heaps of extra money on dry cleaners. They explain that many of our items which claim to be dry clean only, can actually be cleaned at home if the right care is taken. You can read more about this and educate yourself with some how to videos on their website: http://www.thelaundress.com/delicate-wash
When I first received The Laundress samples at home late summer, I didn’t know what to use it for.  I had several dirty bathing suits on my laundry room floor, so I gave it a try on them! I put them in on the delicate cycle and they came out perfectly as if I had hand washed them! I thought this would make a great sample for this House Box, as everyone has bathing suits or other delicates to clean at some point! And when asked, the owners of the Laundress themselves call this their favourite:

Question: What product in your collection offers the best value and why?
Answer: Our Delicate Wash, it is the most versatile in that it really is our go-to product for items that you think you have to dry clean but in fact you don’t. You can wash everything from a silk blouse to a lace tablecloth in this wash.

You can purchase it here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/102175267

Murchison-Hume Heirloom Dish Soap – 36oz  for $32 CAD
I know what you’re thinking, $32 for dish soap!?!?! I was too…but then I received my beautiful glass bottle in the mail and I realized that this wasn’t just a years supply of dish soap.. it was a beautiful storage container that I could sit proudly on my kitchen counter. It also has the convenience of a pump, so if you have it sitting beside your tap, you can just press down on it and the lovely fragrant grease cutting liquid shoots straight into your sink! I find one pump is enough to fill my sink with yummy citrus smelling cleansing bubbles, and I would guess that its only about 1/3 of an oz…so I think the bottle will last me almost a year. I’ve had it since mid summer and it’s barely 1/4 gone. And who’s to say I can’t replace it with whichever dish soap I like after its empty? I hope you enjoy the sample, you should get a few sink loads out of it!
Heirloom_Dish_Soap_Dishes_web_grande (1)
ou can purchase it here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/102170181

The Good Home Co. Summer Cottage Dryer Sheets – 20 sheets for $12 CAD
I LOVE these dryer sheets. After that whole thing came out a few years ago about how using dryer sheets could make your clothes flammable, so everyone stopped using them out of fear of spontaneous combustion, I jumped on that band wagon and bought some dryer balls. But I am welcoming myself back to the wonderful smelling land of dryer sheets! And its safe to do so with the Good Home Co’s products because they are free from Sulphates, Parabens, and Phthalates!
This particular fragrance, Summer Cottage, is so nice this time of year. As winter is approaching, its nice to dry your sheets with these and drift off to sleep thinking of all your fond summer memories! You can purchase them here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/102173026

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee – 340 grams for $13 CAD
I have to admit, I am not a huge coffee drinker. Caffeine makes me CRAZY, so I can only tolerate small amounts and generally stick with tea. However, my husband, father and mother in law, are coffee FANATICS! When I first met with one of the owners of Paradise Mountain, he gave me a few bags to try and everyone fell in love! My mother in law was a strict Kicking Horse drinker, and she decided on the spot to make the switch! My husband and father weren’t as picky about their brand, but they are fully stocked with PMOC now!
As the Roast Master of Paradise Mountain Coffee, he has an interesting coffee background. He used to own a coffee shop called The Planet, which I used to frequent as a high school student. It was a Calgary staple in the trendy Mission area. I didn’t drink much coffee back then, but it was a popular hangout and they had these massive rice crispy squares that would be kicking around my backpack for days! Anyway, a few years ago, he decided to start up his own Organic coffee roaster with a group of like minded investors who have the same goals of sustainability , social cause and leaving a lasting legacy behind. He gave me a tour of his facility in Calgary and its pretty impressive. The quality control is impeccable and he and everyone that works there are truly passionate about the product they make. I hope you all love the sample as much as my family did!
Here is more information about the coffee:

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee is committed to the development of the highest quality coffee products on the market through empowering small-hold farmers, their communities, and the ecosystems of consequence. Through committed partnerships, we are able to create a profoundly positive social and environmental impact in creating a truly exceptional product.
Our Estate Blend is a medium to dark bodied cup accentuated by exotic floral aromas and hints of mocha, citrus and berries. These beans from our farm in Thailand represent our highest expression of quality; USDA Organic, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly and Non-GMO Project certified. Enjoy a taste of paradise. 

You can purchase the product here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/102176032

Greenmunch Paper Party Straws 250 straws for $30 CAD

I was having lunch with my friend Selene one day, and we had paper straws in our drinks. She said, “this would be a great idea for House Box!”  Right she was, I did some research and found this place called Greenmunch near Edmonton, AB. They have an incredible selection of biodegradable party and entertaining supplies. I asked him if he was interested in working with me and he suggested compiling an assortment of their favourite designs. I have been drinking my morning smoothie with these straws for weeks now…although I should probably save them for more special occasions. I hope you love them, check out the selection on their website, and you can order directly from Greenmunch: http://www.greenmunch.ca/on-sale/paper-straws-halloween-bundle/

Young Living Essential Oils – Various Prices
My friend Lisa sells Young living oils, and I have been purchasing them from her for a while now. The story behind Young Living and how they cultivate their oils is fascinating. She included a bunch of information about the products along with the oil sample. I highly recommend reaching out to Lisa if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils. She is a wealth of knowledge and can make recommendations for whatever you are looking for!

So I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to receiving December’s box as much as we are looking forward to putting it together for you!

Once again: I am offering all subscribers an opportunity to save on shipping, if you purchase The October Box Special which includes the first 4 products listed below. You can purchase it here: http://www.housebox.ca/shop/product/106047559


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