December House Box – Unboxed

Dec_House Box_04Happy New Year! I hope all of your holidays have been magical!

Your December House Box may have arrived before Christmas, some of you received it as a Christmas gift, and a handful of you were the victims of Canada Post misplacing your box – sorry about that! It should arrive safely soon enough if you don’t already have it.

The feedback so far on the December Box from our blogger friends and other reviewers has been great! I hope you all enjoyed the products as well. If you have a chance, please complete the survey HERE as we always take your feedback into consideration.

So, let me tell you about the products in the box, what I love about them and why I chose them!


Essential 8 All Purpose Cleaner – 16oz $12 CAD

I came across Essential 8 on Etsy and loved the story behind the products. Like many new moms, Sarah Walker grew an interest in filling her home with natural products in hopes of keeping her young children safe from chemicals. She began to create her products in small batches, which I appreciate because you know there’s love in every bottle. This cleaner smells amazing and has been a great addition to my cleaning closet. I used it to clean the inside of my oven after splashing pecan pie filling all over it and it worked like a charm! Who says you need chemicals to get your oven clean? I have also heard a great success story from a family member who used it to get shoe polish out of carpet, so I’m willing to bet it can be counted on for some pretty messy jobs! If you’d like to purchase more of this or other products from Essential 8, you can find them HERE


Lunatec Odour Free Dish Cloth – 4 for $12 CAD

This dish cloth has seriously changed my life! I cook a lot and have a sink full of dishes to clean by hand daily. I thought I had a great system in place, I had a mesh Norwex dish cloth for most things, and a Norwex scrubber for tougher jobs. The dish cloth was great, but just a little flimsy, and the scrubber was just that – for scrubbing, so not great for normal dishes. In comes the Lunatec dish cloth and I now have the best of both worlds! I have been using it for everything and I feel like it has cut down on dish washing time tremendously! I find it is the best at getting coffee and tea stains out of cups. I tend to do those by hand once in a while because the dishwasher doesn’t do a great job. I cleaned my tea pot with it the other day and threaded the whole cloth through the spout, I wish I had taken a before and after picture because it seemed like a cleaning miracle from an infommercial. TRY IT! And the best part is, I have had the cloth for over a month now and it really doesn’t smell like anything. The smell of a dirty mildewy dish cloth hanging off your tap really is nasty! Lunatec does not currently distribute their products to Canada, so if you’d like more, you can purchase them through our website for a limited time only! HERE


Tupperware Citrus Peeler – brochure in box

Again, this is life changing for me. I HATE peeling oranges, the naval ones anyway, mandarins are fine. I love oranges, but refuse to buy them most of the time because I know I’ll ruin my nails peeling them, and cutting them in 4’s and eating them by cramming the whole thing in your mouth makes me feel like an 8 year old at soccer practice, and I end up getting a chin full of OJ..not lady like! Anyway – I’ve been peeling and eating oranges and grape fruits like they’re going out of style, for weeks now! I hope you enjoy yours:) My friend Dawn had a Tupperware party a couple months ago, I think I literally squealed when I got the invite! I thought Tupperware was non-existent! My mom used to have parties when I was little, and we had the whole primary coloured kids collection. Why has no one I know had a party in my whole adult life? Needless to say, I had a bit of a runaway… and the rep who came to the party, Sara Black, was amazing! She’s been at it for quite a while and is a Tupperware encyclopaedia. She can help you order whatever you need, wherever you are in Canada! I highly recommend getting in touch with her to start or replenish your Tupperware collection. See brochure for contact info.

Great Canadian Soap Co. Healing Butter
70g $13.95

I came across this company and approached them about including a sample of soap in a House Box. The owner wasn’t sure soap was a great idea because it may smell up the whole contents of the box, but she really wanted to include something. She thought about it for a week or so and came back to me with this healing butter. I thought it was such a great idea, because its basically an all natural Polysporin! I am super clumsy in the kitchen. I cut myself chopping things, or burn myself pulling pans out of the oven way too often. Having something like this nearby has already proven itself useful! I have also heard that it is great for eczema, so give that a try if you suffer from it! Also, if you use the coupon code: housebox you will receive 2 free bars of soap on any order over $60! Take advantage of that HERE

teapigs   15 bags $9.99

Peppermint Tummy Tonic – Peppermint tea is my favourite after dinner drink, so I couldn’t wait to try out teapigs version. I came across teapigs at the organic grocery store I shop at. Their packaging was what initially drew me in, but I did some research and found they are a British company. Nobody knows tea better than the Brits, so I knew it had to be delicious. I was not dissapointed, the peppermint is among the freshest I have tried!

Everyday Brew – this one is great too, if you love a strong tea in the morning, try it out with breakfast. I love it with a little coconut cream.

You can find teapigs at major grocery stores like Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Safeway and Save on Foods, as well as some private grocery stores!


So that’s it for the December Box! How did YOU like it?



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