February House Box – Unboxed

P1000563 copyHappy February! 

I love February so much…I had my first date with my Husband in February, my birthday is in February, and my first born child will be born in February – any day now! I also love the cold snowy weather and short dark days – I know – I am the opposite of almost everyone. It has been an unusually warm winter in Calgary so this February has not been my kind of weather. Oh well, it has still been a great month!

If you have received your February House Box already, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I hoped you would. There are some great products in here and you may have noticed that EVERYTHING is MADE IN CANADA! It started out as a coincidence, but as I finalized the decisions, I decided it would make a great theme. So please, let us know what you think of that and the products by completing the survey HERE.

Lets dig into the box!

Kienna Coffee Roasters- Kienna Cup $5

So this product is great if you have any Keurig or compatible coffee maker. If you don’t, I hope you have access to one at work or a neighbour’s place – there are a few coffee packets so you can share! If you won’t be able to use the cup at all, you can open the coffee packets and brew them like regular coffee.
The Kienna cup is a genius solution to the environmental catastrophe the Keurig cups have created. Shortly after we got a Keurig machine, I found out that the man who invented it does not use it himself as it is harmful to the environment and he didn’t feel good about it. Wow. That was just about it for me. My brother told me about Kienna and I fell in love with the solution they offer, the cup works great and the coffee is delicious! The coffee is roasted in Calgary, AB. If you like it and want to purchase more refills for the cup, you can HERE


Blue Wonder – Try Me Cloth $15

These cloths are incredible, I love the fact that you can clean with nothing but water! the microfibre does all the work for you, all you need is hot water. The cloths are available in several different shapes and sizes and for various different purposes, but the “Try Me” cloth is a great introduction to them. I have cleaned various different surfaces with mine, but was most impressed by cleaning windows and mirrors with it! I also cleaned my whole bathroom with one cloth using nothing but water, which was mind blowing. The company has been around for 20 years and is based in Salt Spring Island. In addition to cleaning products, they also manufacture products for personal care and pets! Try it out, and if you like Blue Wonder products, you can find more HERE. They are offering you 10% off your order with the coupon code: TM10-C


Sugar Bears $6

Have you ever used one of these? They are a game changer if you do a lot of baking. I used to have a slice of apple in my brown sugar all the time, my mom taught me that trick. But if I didn’t bake anything for a few months and opened up the brown sugar, I was rudely reminded of the poor apple slice! I have also heard a piece of bread works well to keep sugar moist-which could also be a terrifying find if left for too long, but really…all of these solutions are kind of out dated in the gadget centric world we live in. In comes the Sugar Bear! Just soak it in water overnight and it will keep your brown sugar moist for months! And it really does. You can also use it in a cookie jar, in raisins or other dried fruit, or even tobacco, know anyone that smokes cigars?? These particular bears are hand made in Calgary, AB. If you want to purchase more, you can find them HERE


Live For Tomorrow – Elbow Grease 34oz $9.95

This Vancouver based company makes an entire line of cleaning and laundry products that are environmentally safe, Biodegradable (septic safe), EcoLogo compliant, and made with plant and mineral ingredients. And they work like a charm! This All purpose cleaner is particularly great and smells deliciously like lemongrass. Because its made with coconut and citrus, you don’t have to worry about pets or small children getting near it. Try it out and if you’re interested in purchasing Live For Tomorrows products, shop HERE and use the code: HouseBox_2016 for 15% off any purchase over $25 CAD (Expires: 05/31/2016)


Earth Elements Farm Products – Glass Tealight $3.50 Soy Stick $5

Did the delicious smell of Vanilla fill your home when you brought your House Box inside? My whole office has smelled like these delicious candles for weeks now and I LOVE it! These classed-up glass tealights are beautiful as well, and will last quite a few hours! The soy stick lipbalms are also amazing. I consider myself to be a lipbalm connoisseur, mostly because I’m addicted to it living in dry Calgary, and I think this one is one of the best! You will have received either a Tangerine, Coconut, Mint or Aloe Soystick, all of which smell divine! Earth Elements Farm Products are made in Cherryville, BC and if you’re interested in purchasing more, you can find them HERE

That’s The February Edition of House Box! Celebrating the Love month by supporting Canadian Businesses! We hope you love it, please let us know what you think by completing this short SURVEY

Also, if you love receiving your House Box every other month, start earning FREE boxes by referring your friends! Login to your account HERE and enter your referrals!




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