The Back to School Box – August 2016


Hello Subscribers! I hope you have all received your August House Box by now and have had a chance to sample the delicious coffee inside! I haven’t been drinking coffee for the past 6 months but I took a few sips of this one and loved it. You can tell it was roasted only a couple weeks ago. Let’s unpack this one and see what else is in it!

Snack Pack Reusables Sandwich Bag

These Sandwich bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free and are a great alternative to Ziploc baggies or even bulky containers. They have a fabric liner that keeps food fresh and is washable, either by hand with soapy water or by washing machine or dishwasher! I know I feel bad about wasting so many plastic bags, these will be a welcome addition to my husbands lunch bag!

Snack Pack Reusables Snack Bag

The snack sized version- this bag is a bit smaller; perfect for nuts, sliced fruit, pretzels or cookies. They are so handy, I will keep a couple in my diaper bag. Now that my baby is starting to eat solid foods, I can tell these will be great for his snacks as he gets older.

Both of these bags and some other fun colours are for sale on our website in the House Box shop HERE

*this Calgary based business – Snack Pack Reusables – is for sale! Please contact Wendy @ 403-615-1319

Fox Run Brands Tea Kettle Descaler

These things are so great, my mom introduced me to them. She always has a kettle full of boiled water because she drinks hot water all day long. For the past few years she has had a clear glass kettle with one of these mesh balls in it. I’ve marvelled at how little sediment seems to collect in it and she tells me its all because of the descaler. I bought one a few months ago and i’m a believer. It works as a preventative measure though so don’t expect it to clean up a heavily scaled kettle.

The Soap Exchange – Envirowash

I came across the Soap exchange one day at  the Calgary Farmers Market. They have pretty basic packaging, which drew me to them because it seemed like a small local brand. I got in touch with the owner, Wes Koch, who is extremely friendly and passionate about his products. They have been in business over 23 years. I love how simple his website is, and if you’re interested in purchasing products, you call him up at the shop and order by telephone, Old School! Sometimes I wish I could call Amazon and ask them a bunch of questions! Many of the products are concentrate, he says, why pay for water when you can add it yourself? I love that. Shipping water is pretty expensive too:) Get in touch with Wes [email protected] and let him tell you more about the Soap Exchange!

Detour Coffee Roasters

As I mentioned, this coffee is delicious! Its called Los Noranjos, from Columbia. I am usually not a fan of fruity coffees, but this one has a pretty subtle fruit taste to it and the other flavors are really nice. As mentioned on the product card, the coffee was roasted just days before we sent it out, so it is as fresh as possible! I love that they went to the trouble to time it like this, I think its important to enjoy the product as the roaster intended, so if you haven’t already, go get caffeinated! If you’re interested in ordering more of this delicious fresh coffee, you can do so HERE


So that’s the August edition of House Box! I hope you loved receiving it as much as I enjoyed finding the products for it. Please let us know what you thought of it!


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