October House Box #7 – Unboxed

October House Box

Welcome to Fall! I hope its not too cold yet, wherever you are. Unless you’re like me and you love the cold weather! I hope this box has inspired you to stay inside, bake some cookies and enjoy the comforts of your home:)

Fox Run Brands Pumpkin Cookie Cutter -$3.50/ea

This cookie cutter brings back so many childhood Halloween memories for me! My mom used to have one, but much larger, and she would make these cookies with orange frosting on them with a green tip and Jack-O-Lantern faces and send them to school with me for the whole class. Remember in Elementary school when you had a Halloween party and everyone dressed up and you ate a bunch of sugar and ran around going nuts with all your classmates in your costumes?? Ah nostalgia:) Anyway, my friend Joanna has an amazing food blog called Food Eaten Daily, and I asked her if she would make these cookies and post her favourite sugar cookie recipe. They are AMAZING, you can get the recipe HERE

Arbonne – contact for prices

I went to Vancouver with my parents and my baby to visit my brother in September.  On the way home, we were all in seats scattered across the plane, and my dad was sitting next to this woman named Gwen. She was super nervous about flying and my dad is captain Chill, he’s also a pilot so a great guy to calm down anyone on a plane.  After we all got off, he introduced me to her because he told her she had to talk to me about House Box! He told her all about the company on the flight and how she should put some Arbonne products in a box sometime. So we got together for a coffee a few days later. She gave me a protein shake to try and I loved it so much. I’ve always thought protein shakes tasted like clay for some reason… but these ones are amazing. The chocolate tastes like chocolate milk and the Vanilla reminds me of the white Girl Guide cookies, so yummy! The Fit Chews are a healthy way to hit a sweet tooth without filling up on sugar. The Fizz Sticks are a great pre-workout drink that you can toss into a gym bag and mix up in a water bottle – also delicious. And the hair serum is so light, I’m always worried about using oils on my hair because its so fine, but this one is perfect for adding some shine to dry winter hair! Gwen is an Arbonne Encyclopedia, she’s been working it for a few years now and is very passionate about the company and its products, I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you’re interested in learning more about these products and finding out what else they have. You can visit her website HERE or contact her at [email protected]

The Laundry Tarts Pumpkin Pie Laundry Detergent $18.99/2.5lbs

You may remember The Laundry Tarts from a few boxes back when we featured their Stain Stick. I was a huge fan of the stick, still am, I use it all the time on baby clothes! I got in touch with them to see what else they had to offer and they have so many great products. They are all toxin free and safe for allergies. And the fun scents and packaging is the best part. This pumpkin pie scented detergent will make you want to eat your pillow cases! Check them out HERE

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts $13.99/454g

Do you love hemp hearts as much as I do? Or have you never tried them? I’m always surprised when I hear people have not tried them because I have been in love for many years now. These delicious little seed hearts are a great way to add protein to smoothies, salads or even all by themselves! I like to mix them in some plain yogurt with some fruit. I kind of rotate how i use them, smoothies for a while, then salads, then yogurt. I have never heard of any other brand besides Manitoba Harvest, so they must be doing something right! I hope you enjoy the sample and if you are not already a fan, I hope this changes your morning menu in a positive way! These are sold at Costco, most organic markets, or you can purchase them on their website HERE

Herbal Healing Lipbalm $6.50/ea

A friend of mine gave me a gift from Herbal Healing for my baby when I was pregnant, it was a little trio of products-massage oil, shower gel and shampoo, and diaper rash salve. It is the gentlest, cleanest baby product I have tried yet! They are fragrance free, very gentle, and so nice to use on baby skin. I’m always worried about him having an allergic reaction to something I use on him or something he eats. So far so good, but I was not nervous about Herbal Healing’s products. The ingredients (which are listed on the package) are so simple and minimal, I knew he would be just fine. The friend who gave me the products told me it came from her mom’s company, Herbal Healing. I found out they make a huge selection of products including herbal teas! These lipbalms feel so nice and smooth on your lips, they come in 3 flavors; lemon, peppermint, and one to treat cold sores. You can visit Herbal Healing in Calgary and receive a 15% discount, or use the coupon code SPEND15GET15 on their website HERE

That’s everything, I hope you enjoyed receiving the box and that you’re looking forward to next month’s! The December box will be shipping out December 15th. House box makes a great Holiday Gift for anyone with a House!


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